Poul Høegh Poulsen
Jørgen Høegh Poulsen

About us.

Our names are Jørgen and Poul Høegh Poulsen, we are twinbrothers born in Copenhagen 1944.
We began collecting crowncaps on a summer holiday in jutland.
Ind 1958 we began exchanging crowncaps with the danish collector Helge Friholm ( Former ) member of CCSI no.25.
In the beginnig we have both a collection of crowncaps but in 1986 we make together one big collection.Member of CCSI no.66 from 1987.
In october 1992 we together with Lasse Dalhøj Pedersen took over the collectionof Ronny Fjeldstad Norway, with 22000 different crowncaps.
In november 1993 we took over the collection of Helge Friholm with over 75000 different caps including screwcaps.
In 1995 the collection was publiseh ind the danish Guinness Book of Records with 81270 caps, and in The International in 1997 with 82169 different crowncaps.
From year 2000 we stop collecting crowncaps with plastic liner, now we only collect crowncaps with cork, therefore we have started to sell out our big doublet stock, which we have collected over the last 50 years.